$425. 8x10 signed by paul runyan 6/7/2000 @ Arroyo Seco CC, Pasadena, California during a chipping lesson.
Alex Ross (1881-1952). 1907 US Open champion.
Sold both golf balls.
Donald Ross: (1873-1948). Golf course architect. Pinehurst #2 amongst others. $750.
Mason Rudolph: 1950 US Junior champion.
Mason Rudolph signature putter.
Jack Rule Jr: 1963 St. Paul Open.
Paul Runyan
Paul Runyan 1934-38 PGA champion defeating Sam Snead 8 and 7. A small man in statue and known for his fanastic putting and #1 in chipping I have ever seen. I took a chipping lesson from him 6/7/2000 @ Arroyo Seco GC, ,Pasadena, California. 1932 signed Paul Runyan photo 8x10 reprint $45. 1932 poster 16x20 signed reprint $485.
Paul Runyan 6/7/2000
Signed 1938 Bristol "Little Poison" wood head-wood handle on 6/7/2000 at Arroyo Seco GC, Pasadena, California.. Signed on the wood handle. $8500 only 2 in existence.
Runyan signing 1938 "little poison putter."
Paul Runyan putting 10/20/37 Associated Press Photo. Runyan correspondence reply letter: August 23, 1993: "Mr. Paul Runyan" 835 S. San Rafael Avenue, Pasadena, California. Dear Mr. Runyan: Could you please answer a question for me? How, and when, did you come to call your putter "Poison?" I hope that you are still having a wonderful time playing golf. There is a 90 year old lady who can shot her age and under. Best of regard. Thank you for taking some of your valuable time to assist me, I remain. Respectfully, William XXXXXX." Runyan replies in handwritten note on letter: "Dear William, during the 1930s when I was having some wonderful years. Larry Robinson, Sports writer of the New York World Telegraph New Paper nicknamed me "little poison" and the line of putters were name after me. Kindest regard, Paul Little Poison Runyan." Letter $2500.
Rare Paul Runyan mirrored putter. $300
Paul Runyan book $55.
Paul Runyan signature golf ball.
Paul Runyan signed book
Paul Runyan signed book $300
Paul Runyan bagtags Annadale GC, Pasadena, California
1880s-1890s Rut niblick. When the repair wagons on the golf course made a RUT, then niblick was a 9-iron was used so that the rutniblick club would fit into the wagon track on the golf course. $450.
Babe Ruth putting with hickory shaft putter and Bath Ruth signature golf ball.
Ryder Cup wood.
Kim Saiki: Current LPGA player
Doug Sanders
Doug Sanders signature iron.
A signature Doug Sanders putter.
Doug Sanders: 1956 Canadian Open champion. He 3 putted at the British Open from 30 feet and missed a 3 foot putt to win the 1970 British Open. In an 18-hole the next day, Jack Nicklaus wins.
Gene Sarazen
Gene Sarazen: GRAND SLAM CHAMPION... (1902-1999) 1922-32 US Open champion. 1932 British Open champion. 1922-23-33 PGA champion. 1935 Masters champion by making a double eagle 2 with his 4 wood on the 15th hole at Augusta National GC. Commentator on Shells Wonderful World of Golf. He played against Henry Cotton at St. Andrews in one of the eposides.
 Gene Sarazen autographed 1995 golf ball.
Gene Sarazen books.
Sarazen's book: "Thirty years of Championship Golf," autographed by Gene Sarazen from the Reverend Tom S. Hawley book collection.
Gene Sarazen woodshafted putter $45.
Wilson Gene Sarazen woodshafted putter.
A Gene Sarazen Girafee signature woodshafted putter. $110
George Sargent: (1880-1962). 1909 US Open champion. 1912 Canadian Open champion. $450

George Sargent signature Chevy Chase woodshafted putter $175. 

Gene Sauers autographed AP photo: ST. LOUIS, Aug 14---SAND BLAST---Gene Sauers of Savannah, Ga., blasts out of the sand to the 16th green during the first round of the PGA championship Thursday in St. Louis. Sauers finished the day at 4-under-par. 1992.
Ben Sayers: (1857-1924). Known for his "Benny Putter."
Antique golf folding SEAT, 1982 US Open periscope and an antique golf hole installer.
Woodshafted semi-putter.
Woodshafted semi-putter.
Carol Semple: 1973 US Womens Amateur champion.
Tom Shaw: 4 PGA tour event winner including the 1971 Crosby.
Tom Shaw signature iron.
Patty Sheehan: 1992 US Womens Open champion. 1992 British Womens Open champion. 1996 Dinah Shore champion. AP photo $10: WILMINGTON, DEL, June 24---TAKING AIM--Patty Sheehan takes aim at the fairway with her putter after a bad chip shot made her chip again to the 17th green but she save par by one-putting during the McDonald's LPGA Champion ship Friday in Wilmington, Del. Sheenan's 8 under par gave her the seonc round lead over Nancy Lopez who readies to putt in the background 1988.
 1994 Womens US Open badge.  Sheehan autographed golf ball.
A signature Thomas D. Tub SHINNECOCK HILLS woodshafted putter with dot face. Shinnecock putter $300
Denny Shute: (1904-1974). 1933 British Open champion. 1936-37 PGA champion. 1939 US Open champion.
Denny Shute double balanced signature putter w/yellow pyratone shaft.
Sam Snead autographed hat.
Charlie Sifford: 1969 Los Angeles Open champion, he went into a playoff with Billy Casper in sudden death. On the 2nd playoff hole, Casper hit a wedge short of the uphill green, Sifford laid his wedge about 10 feet from the hole missed his birdie, but won the playoff. Photo left: www.historicgolfphotos.com
Jay Siegel: 1979 British Amateur champion. 1982-83 US Amateur champion. Signed AP photo: JUPITER, Fla., Aug. 28---MISSES BIRDIE, WINS HOLE---Jay Siegel, of Newton Square, Pa., just misses a birdie putt on the 6th green during the 3rd round of match-play at the US Amateur in Juipter, fla. Friday. Siegel, playing against David White, of Conroe, TX., won the hole in spite of the putt 1987. Jay Siegel autographed golf ball $25.
Dan Sikes: 1963 Doral Open champion.
R.H. Dick Sikes: 1961-62 US Public Links champion. Photo: www.historicgolfphotos.com
Jack Simpson: 1884 British Open champion. Simpson signature golf ball circa 1915.

Robert Simpson Carnoustie signature putter $450. 

Robert Simpson (1862-1923) clubmaker known for long nose & bulger clubs.
Scott Simpson: 1987 US Open champion. He lost in a 18-hole playoff to Payne Stewart in the 1991 US Open championship. AP photo $10: SAN FRANCISCO, June 22---HOT PUTTER BRINGS OPEN VICTORY---Scott Simpson raises his putter to the gallery after finishing the 18th hole in the lead of Sunday's final round of the US Open Championship at San Francisco's Olympic Club. Simpson held on to the lead to win the US Open with a three-under-par 277 for the four rounds, one stroke ahead of Tom Watson 1987. Autographed @ Toshiba Seniors, Newport Beach, California 18th hole, 3/6/10.
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