Dave Stockton:
Dave Stockton: 1970-76 PGA champion. Noted to be an excellent putter. Author. Autographed putting book at The Skins Game, near Palm Springs, California 2003.
1970-76 PGA tickets
Spalding Dave Stockton signature pitching wedge $20, 1970s regular shaft.
Frank Stranahan: 1948-50 British Amateur champion. 1947-48 Canadian Amateur champion.
Frank Stranahan signature iron.
A Frank Stranahan signature putter.
Curtis Strange: 1985 Canadian Open champion. 1988-89 BACK-to-BACK US Open champion.
Curtis Strange
1988 US Open ticket. 1989 US Open badge $50.
David Strath: (1840-1879). British Open player.
Andrew Strath: (1836-1868). 1865 British Open champion.
Louise Suggs: 1947 Womens Amateur champion. 1949-52 Womens US Open champion.
Louise Suggs signature putter.
A signature Louise Suggs wood.
Bruce Summerhays:
Hal Sutton 1983 PGA champion.
Hal Sutton: 1980 US Amateur champion. 1983 PGA champion. 1999 Canadian Open champion. Autographed Hal Sutton golf ball at the Bob Hope Desert Classic, Palmer host course, La Quinta, California 2003. $65
Hal Sutton autographed PGA golf ball signed at the last Ralph's Senior Tournament, 9th/18th hole, Valencia CC, Valencia, California 2009.
Alex Taylor signature woodshafted putter $1000 & signature mesh golf ball. $450
J.H. Taylor and signature golf ball.
J.H. Taylor: (1871-1963). 1894-95-1900-09-13 British Open champion. J.H. Taylor woodshafted putter.
Peter Thomson
Peter Thomson: 1954-55-56-58-65 British Open champion. 1951-67-72 Australian Open champion.
A Peter Thomson Dunlop signature putter.
Peter Thomson: THOMMO Peter Thomson golf ball $10.
Peter Thomson signature and autographed golf balls.
Jim Thorpe: 1992 Canadian Open champion. AP photo $10: FRANKLIN, Wis., AUG. 31---COAXING HIS PUTT---Jim Thorpe, of Buffalo, N.Y., helps his putt along on the eight green during first round action at the Greater Milwaukee Open Thursday at Tuckaway CC in Franklin, Wisconsin 1990.
Cyril Tolley: 1920-29 British Amateur champion.
A 1917 Torpedo putter used on sandy greens. $2000
Sam Torrance: European and Ryder Cup player.
Sam Torrance signature broomstick putter.
Bob Toski
Bob Toski: 7 times tour champion. Golf instructor.
A Bob Toski signature putter.
Bob Toski signature putter.
Jerome D. Travers (1887-1951). 1907-08-12-13 US Amateur champion. 1915 US Open champion. 8 x 10 museum photo $20.
Jerry Travers centered woodshafted putter. $450
Walter J. Travis (1862-1927). 1900-01-03 US Amateur champion. 1904 British Amateur champion.
Signed Claret Jug trophy @ the Toshiba, Newport CC, Newport Beach, California 2005.
1971 Open ticket. 1984 PGA ticket $30.
AP photo $10: AUGUSTA, Ga., Arpil 6---TREVINO BIRDIES---Lee Trevino reacts to the crowd after making a birdie shot on number 3 during Thursday's opening round of the Masters. Trevino was the early leader of the day with a 5-under-par score . 1989.
Autographed Lee Trevino golf ball.
Lee Trevino: 1968-71 US Open champion. 1971-72 British Open champion. 1971-77-79 Canadian Open champion. 1974-84 PGA champion. He won everything for the Grand Slam but the Masters. Known for his loopy swing outside to inside. Autograped Lee Trevino Masters scorecard @ Toshiba Seniors, Newport Beach, California 3/6/10 18th hole while telling jokes.
Lee Trevino books.
Lee Trevino autographed book
Autographed AP photo by Lee Trevino: 11/29 LA QUINTA, CA---OH WHAT A FEELING:---Lee Trevino leaps in the arms of his caddy after shooting a hole in one at the par 3 17th during The Skins Game play. 1987.
1971 Lee Trevino US Open 1-iron: usga museum.
Scott Triplet blast out of the bunker at the LA Open, Rivera CC, 17th hole 2005. Scott Triplet autographed golf ball.
Ted Tryba shoots a course record 61 at Rivera CC, Pacific Palisades by bogeying the last hole. Autographed Ted Tryba 61 golf ball.
Kris Tschetter: AP photo signed: TOLEDO, Ohio, July 4---SITTING IN SECOND PLACE---Kris Tschetter of Sioux Falls, S.D., putts a bogie-free first round for a 4-under-par 67 and in second place at the Jamie Farr Toledo Classic Friday, Tschetter was trailing Vicki Fergon, who shot a 65 in the first round 1992.
Jim Turnesa: 1952 PGA champion.
A Jim Turnesa signature putter.
Joe Turnesa: Tour player.
Joe Turnesa signature putter
Mike Turnesa: tour player.
Mike Turnesa signature wood.
Mike Turnesa signature putter.
Willie Turnesa: 1938-48 US Amateur champion. 1947 British Amateur champion.
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